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Health Literacy
Collaborative Summit

Health literacy: every state, every way, every time.

The Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit you know and love just got 8 times better!

The Summit

2 days of health literacy talks

April 8-9, 2024

Monona Terrace Convention Center - Madison, WI

Wisconsin Health Literacy (WHL) is expanding its traditional Health Literacy Summit by partnering with 8 other states to host the first Health Literacy Collaborative Summit:​

UAMS Center for Health Literacy, University of Arkansas

Health Literacy Kansas

Health Literacy Media

Health Literacy Nebraska

Michigan Health Literacy Coalition

Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership

Ohio Health Literacy Partners

SaferCare Texas

The Conference

Summit learning objectives

Discuss ways interprofessional health care teams communicate and integrate health literacy into prevention, management of disease and health promotion

Explain how to use health literacy practices and principles in different contexts

Identify skills and strategies to use when working with different communities and/or to design relevant health programs or resources

Describe factors to consider when helping consumers find, understand, and use health information and manage their health

By the numbers





Breakout sessions





About the event

Hosted by Wisconsin Health Literacy (WHL)

Since 2004, WHL has hosted this event to bring together interprofessionals from diverse fields to share practices and strategies to support individuals, families, and communities. The Summit is attended by a variety of professionals from health care, community-based organizations, libraries, health insurance, health information technology, and public health. It aims to emphasize practical approaches that participants can implement right away. This year, WHL is joining 8 other states (Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Michigan) to hold a collaborative Summit that brings together our diverse health literacy approaches, experiences, and strategies into a much richer regional event.


We are proud to bring expert speakers from across the world.

Featured plenary sessions

Health Literacy in Schools: Past, Present, and Future

Dr. Orkan Okan

Adapting Indigenous Health Toolkit for Pediatric Populations

Laurelle Myhra, PhD, LMFT

Weather, Climate Change and Health Literacy

Mr. Erik Salna, MS

Going from "Why Won’t they” to “How Can We”: Changing Systems to Build More Equitable Health Access

Saida M. Abdi, PhD, LICSW

Meet Me in the Middle

Silas Buchanan


Join us at the Summit!

Registration is now open!

Click the link below to register.

You will be asked to chose the breakout sessions you want to attend. You can read more about the breakout sessions offered here.

Past Events

Health Literacy
Collaborative Summit

news and updates

Conference Break Time

Continuing Education (CE) Credits

We are offering continuing education credits for those who qualify.

This activity is designed to bring together a national audience of adult literacy educators and interprofessional health care providers. Continuing education credits will be available for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, social workers, NCHEC CHES, and NBPHE Certified Public Health professionals.

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